Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Santa Clara & Los Gatos, Ca

Entertainment through Fresno
When  we think of northern California we just think, San Francisco! Most of us have been many a time, especially if you live in southern california. It's like our version of manhattan but actually NY has better weather! What I learned this weekend is that there is a ton of NorCal to be discovered  although I just focused on a 50 mile radius.
My boyfriend had to give a clinic in Santa Clara this weekend and after seeing the prices for flights ( thank you Mother's day) we decided for a road trip! I love road trips and I have never been to Santa Clara. 5am we were off and after accidently passing the exit to take the 101 we ended up driving through Fresno and all the farmland of California. Not much to see so note to self- don't miss the exit and realize it 43 miles later.
So the "better" of things to do here is to go to Santana Row.  You have the Rodeo Drive stores surround by a demographic usually related to brainies, mainly  Asians and Indians. Looks like they came here with their families being that they pretty much make up the whole town. Kind of funny to think that the nerdiest guy there in white tennis shoes could probably be the CFO of Yahoo or Broadcom. Of course they waited outside or hung out at Tessla while the ladies guccified themselves. After lunch and walking through the Santana Row there wasn't much to do. Exhausted we headed back to the hotel and watched a lot of F1, Nascar and some other race. ( The man is addicted)
Next day after his class we decided to go visit the super famous town of Santa Cruz. The drive was beautiful through the biggest redwood pines I've ever seen.

 As we arrived in our pretty summer outfits, we immediately felt the coastal 35 degree difference. It was freezing. We got to the boardwalk and was disappointed to not see any surfers! Either we were at the wrong beach or the Santa Cruz "dude, what's up man?" Doesn't really come from Santa Cruz. So we opted for the 1 North to Davenport and shared the highway with motorcycle groups and strawberry farms. We stopped at the Davenport Bakery to enjoy the view. As we peroused over a real estate magazine we were shocked at the prices of Los Gatos real estate. So off we went to discover the next town. 

It looks like a prettier version of Sausalito and I Loove Sausalito! Adorable streets with mom and pop shops, vintage candy stores and then your typical Gaps and Sur la Table...not bad. We decided to stay for dinner which was ok granted that everyone and their mother was out celebrating so it was packed. We liked the town so much the next day we drove back and had one of the best burgers I have tried at Main Street Burgers. Make your own burger with a fried egg and Niman Ranch beef and Im in. After our dosage of milkshakes we comatosed back to Santa Clara. Gotta say, I loved Los Gatos. I want a house there with a cat and call him Gato.